In The Shadow of the Atom

This project is a visual exploration of life around Britain’s nuclear sites starting with Sellafield in Cumbria. Using new and found images it in tends to tell the story of Britain’s modern nuclear industry and what life in the shadow of the atom is like.

The village of Seascale is located approximately 3 miles from Britain’s largest and most radioactive nuclear site. Though not used for energy or weapon production any more it is still a major player in Britain’s nuclear industry handling most of the nations nuclear waste. The inhabitants of Seascale like much of the Cumbrian cost have grown up with Sellafield as the source of much of their local economies. The first part of this project will explore Seascale and its relationship to Sellafield, watch this space for more.

This project is currently in production while studying at the University of Central Lancashire with the help of Ellie Dunne Photography and others local to the area.

More coming soon, watch this space.

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