Commissions and Licensing


Alistair Grimley Photography can be commissioned for a wide variety of content creation.

We specialise in photography but are more than capable of working in other areas such as Graphic Design, Videography, Small Scale Advertising and more. We have a large network of professional contacts working infields such as English Linguistics, Film Production and Advertising. We're not just Alistair and his camera!

The bottom line is, if you have an idea for some form of visual imagery, we have the ability to bring it to life. 

Interested? Have an idea? Let us know and lets see what together we can create, you can contact us at


Alistair Grimley Photography offers licensing options for existing work (which can be seen on this site) as well as commissioned works.

But what does a license from Alistair Grimley Photography mean I hear you ask.

Well, depending on the work, Alistair D. Grimley holds all copyright to the images he produced in his name, this work will be available to use via a license and cannot be used with out.

For example if you wanted to use images from the LOST TIME series you could apply for a license from us to use them. To do this you need to fill out the license request form below, include what you want to use the work for and why. If approved you will be given a limited license to use the work, which worded something like this:

This license hereby gives [Your Name Here] the right to use the images from [Photo Series] which includes [List of Images]. These images can only be used for non-commercial, non-self promotion uses only any violation of such terms will void this license. This license is valid until June 1st 2016. Image copyright remains the property of Alistair D. Grimley All Rights Reserved.

Sound good? Fill in the form below for use of existing work or email for commissions.

License Application Form