Culture Shifts: Local | Open Eye Gallery

Yesterday (22nd December 2017) I visited the last day of Culture Shifts: Local at the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool. This exhibition, sponsored are curated by the Gallery was a creative response to what Socially Engaged Practice and how it can better represent a community by being how they want to be seen not how the photographer wants them to be seen. More information about the exhibition can be found here:

Overall I liked the way it was presented, with each series of work split up around the entire gallery space it created a narrative as you worked your way through, a gateway into the world it was trying to express. In terms of upcoming projects (specifically 1500 Volts) where I intend to work with others to tell a story, it could be more ethical to portray the narrative they way they want it to be seen rather then how I do, but without losing creative control. While viewing this exhibition and when speaking to Jack Latham about his book Sugar Paper Theories I have started to alter the way I collaborative work and those featured could drive the narrative rather than me trying to direct it. This could create a much more personal and powerful series that I may not be able to create myself as a relative outsider.


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