David Shearing

Using my own work to get into Curation.

During a guest lecture at the University of Central Lancashire I was able to briefly talk to David Shearing about his work and how he got to the position he's in. He came in to talk about his award winning multi-media performance art pieces such as his Weather Café pictured above. He recommended for someone in my position, who was on the edge of leaving University and is interested in producing my own work as well as curation (with a particular concentration on how photography interacts with the space it is displayed in) that getting as much experience as possible was of huge importance but advised that I use my own work as a means to do that. He said to keep producing work post uni and keep pushing it, get involved with art collectives, enter competitions and try to exhibit work as much as possible. While doing this try to get involved as much as possible with the curation via your own work. Use your work as a way of getting into the room with other curators, talk to them about your own work and the ideas you have regarding its display, showing your own ideas and creativity could be a great way to get into art curation.

This is defiantly something to look into as getting experience, whether voluntary or otherwise at a gallery is proving harder than anticipated but using my own work as a means to get in the door could be an useful idea to consider moving forward.


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