Exhibition1095: Lewis Jones

Exploring modern day casualism in Britain.

Few can argue that football is not one of social Britain's corner stones. Today it's popularity remains immense and its fans remain dedicated. For many however football is seen only through the violence it can bring with it and the image of young, working class men rioting in the seventies and eighties became a defining image of the sports past. These men were often defined by their choice of clothing and started a fashion movement know as casualism.

Lewis Jones uses his camera as a tool to explore and define what remains of that movement today. His portraits paint a picture of those who keep this fashion alive, a more pacified, community focused group whose clothing still follows the ideals of the past just with modern designer labels. Jone's work is a collection of these modern styles, it shows their verity and defining aspects, a well considered overview of a style almost as familiar as football itself.

Lewis has an eye for on location portraits and skill at documenting. His work, often a gateway into a community, can offer outsiders a greater understanding of a people they themselves do not understand. I find Lewis' work fascinating and always worth reading into, he cover topics which I know little about but I always feel I understand them a little bit more having seen his work.

Lewis Jones' work will be on display at Exhibitions 1095 in Preston from the 14th - 21st June 2018. Lewis will also be about in person during the open evening on June 14th if you wanted to speak to him and learn more about his work, this will be your best opportunity.

More info about Exhibition 1095 can be found here: https://www.alistairgrimley.com/news/exhibition-1095-info

Lewis Jones' Instagram can be found here: Instagram.com/LewisJonesPhotography

Lewis Jones' Website can be found here: www.LewisJonesPhoto.co.uk


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