Exhibition1095: Molly Albin

Exploring cultural appropriation through portraiture.

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After a busy week preparing the last few prints and prepping the space I have final found time to write about the Molly Albin's fantastic portraits. Albin originally started Wanderlust to explore through fashion portraiture, the thrill of visiting a far of nation and the beauty of the unknown. She sourced a verity of ethnically diverse modals to do this but felt that she as appropriating them to fit her idea and in doing so was removing who they really were. As a result she encouraged her models to bring in their own personality into the clothes they were wearing to, break the cultural stereotypes defined by their appearance and in doing so has create a new way to defy the concept of 'the other'.

Albin's work, a colourful array of cultures, captures the essence of multiculturalism. We live in a world more connected than ever but with that comes a greater reliance on visual stereotypes to identify those we are connecting with. Albin's work throws this notion on its head and challenges us to see people for who they choose to be, not who we expect them to be from the stereotypes we are fed.

Molly is one of the finest and most creative portrait photographers PhotoUCLan has to offer this year and I personally cannot wait to find out what she creates next.

Molly's work will be on display at Exhibitions 1095 in Preston from the 14th - 21st June 2018. She will also be about in person during the open evening on June 14th if you wanted to speak to her and learn more about her work, this will be your best opportunity.

More info about Exhibition 1095 can be found here: https://www.alistairgrimley.com/news/exhibition-1095-info

Molly Albin's Instagram can be found here: Instagram.com/molly_albin

Molly Albin's Website can be found here: MollyMooks.wixsite.com


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