First exploration of Woodhead tomorrow

As part of my 1500 Volts DC project tomorrow will see myself and fellow photographers Gavin Fuller and Ellie Dunne heading up to the Woodhead pass so that I can start together initial images of how the line exists today. For this first visit were concentrating on the area east of Hadfield station, where the surviving line from Manchester Piccadilly ends and up to the western Woodhead tunnel portals. This will allow us to photograph what is considered one of the most visually appealing sections of the old line as it follows the several reservoirs that make up the base of the Woodhead pass.

Depending on the weather and time, we have several points of interest to explore:

- St James Church

- The remaining overhead catenary just after Hadfield station

- The Woodhead tunnel (Western) portals

- Former Woodhead Station

- The Longdendale Cycle Way

- Former Crowden Station


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