Mini Project: A Place in the Sun

A mini photography project from the sun kissed isles of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea.

While on holiday in Colònia on the Spanish island of Mallorca I decided to use my phone to create a small series of images exploring the two sides of the island I observed while there, its present and past.

During the Spanish civil war the island was militarized and designed to with stand a siege, the local people were abused by the militants stationed their until the nationalists victory saw them withdraw. The site saw limited manning through out the second world war but the concrete remnants of this period remained dotted around the now thriving holiday retreats.

The series of images above was designed to show both sides of the island as it stands today, a sun kissed holiday resort, a home to the hundreds of people whom keep said resorts functioning and memories of a much darker history.

I produce these odd mini projects from time to time and these will often be posted to my instagram feed which you can find here: @alistairgrimleyphotography


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