Results from the NRM

What I found; the Good and the Bad

The archive at the National Railway Museum (NRM) contained a huge number of documents relating to the lines closure including countless letter exchanges from a political pressure group trying keep the line open. But items as far fetched as Communist election campaign leaflets regarding the closure and even plans for an early incarnation of Manchester's Metrolink tram service. However working with the archivists there they explained the difficulties regarding data protection because many of the people involved in this project are still alive, so even though I was able to photograph many of the documents I cannot publish them on here. With this in mind I'll have to careful consider what I want to include as I would need to contact those involved to seek permission to use their files.

However one thing that did jump out at me was old typed letters. For someone born in the 90's like me, typewriters were basically dead. While viewing these typed documents I was inspired by the feel of the indents left by the hammers on the paper, the splodges of inconsistent ink and the commas that pierced through the paper. These letters had a visual aesthetic of their own and I believe could offer an interesting way to show text with in 1500 Volts DC and tie it to the time period. And so now the search for a typewriter begins...