Walker Titan

For 1500 Volts I wanted to use something a bit different to create the images I was going to take. Having worked with Sam Jackson in China he explain why he used a 5x4 analog camera. He explained that its very look intrigues people, that it generates it own power far more than any DSLR and that the look of the film and the images to produces are like nothing else. With that in mind I've been experimenting with one the last few weeks but to avoid the cost of wasted film (5x4 Film can be quite pricey) I've been using Ilford Photosensitive paper to create the negatives which has a few downsides such as lack of detail and long exposure times (ISO 6). However while I'm practicing its certainly more economical, film can come later when I'm more practiced and have a bigger budget.

As of yet I have only processed one negative (above) which features the view from Lancaster Castle across the city toward the Cambrian hills in the distance. A few issues were presented with this negative such as the focus possibly being off but it hard to tell because of the accuracy of the negative itself. Additionally there's a lot of dust on the negative, this could be from the darkroom process or the digital scan but its something that will need to be worked on. I'll be seeking consultation with other practitioners in the new year to see what I can do.


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