“This will be a once-in-a-generation moment to shape the destiny of our country.”
– David Cameron, February 2016


On the morning of 27th May 2016, the people of the UK woke up in a different world to the one they fell asleep in. The United Kingdom had voted to Leave the European Union and began the journey into an uncertain, uncharted future. During the campaign the voting public were told that this would be a black and white, yes or no, leave or remain decision but since the ballots have been counted it appears voters knew far too little about what they were voting for.


On the 29th March 2017, the UK officially began the process to leave. This is something the press have coined ‘Brexit day’ but it seems the UK faces far more problems than just leaving the EU. The Scottish Parliament had passed legislation for a second independence referendum, nationwide there had been a rise in racially motivated attacks, terrorism at the gates of Westminster and an economy fluctuating at a frightening rate.


‘The Will of the People’ explores what the UK has become in the immediate aftermath of the vote. Comparing Britain's growing cities such as Glasgow, which voted to remain, with those such as Stoke-On-Trent, one of Britain's struggling cities, which voted to leave. 'The Will of the People' shows how investment, or the lack of, in different cities has the power to alter its populations opinion and thus the fate of an entire nation.

Is This England Exhibition E-Book


Is This England?
'The Will of the People' Debut Exhibition


From the 3rd - 9th April 2017 a collective of Artists from the University of Central Lancashire held an exhibition titled; 'Is This England?' at the Ham and Jam Cafe in Preston, Lancashire. This exhibition was the debut of Alistair's 'The Will of the People' project and was the first time it was accessible to the general public.

The collective was brought together to create a visual response to what it meant to be English in 2017. A complex year politically and socially. The collective worked independently but toward the same common aim.

'Is This England?' featured work from; Alistair Grimley, Tom Needham, Lucy White, Cathrine Thomas, Caitlin Messenger, Dasiy Dixon, Savanna Yasmeen and Vicki Percival.

Lead Curator:
Alistair Grimley

Assistant Curators:
Lucy White and Tom Needham

Lead Advertiser:

Lucy White

Assistant Advertisers:

Tom Needham, Savanna Yasmeen and Vicki Percival

Graphic Designer:

Alistair Grimley